Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (IMEMR) Bibliometric Indicators

Total number of IMEMR records : 203,890 Records
IMEMR Journals per Country of Publications (Graph)
Country Total no. of Journals
Islamic Republic of Iran 282
Egypt 144
Pakistan 94
Iraq 32
Saudi Arabia 31
Syrian Arab Republic 11
Lebanon 11
Sudan 11
Jordan 9
Tunisia 9
Yemen 8
Morocco 8
Kuwait 6
Libya 6
United Arab Emirates 5
Qatar 4
Oman 3
Palestine 3
Bahrain 3
Afghanistan 2
IMEMR Citations per Country (Graph)
Country Total no. of Citations
Egypt 62,898
Islamic Republic of Iran 46,074
Pakistan 41,309
Saudi Arabia 16,864
Tunisia 7,367
Iraq 4,031
Kuwait 3,973
Jordan 3,009
Oman 2,731
United Arab Emirates 2,325
Lebanon 2,316
Bahrain 2,050
Morocco 1,804
Syrian Arab Republic 1,692
Qatar 1,302
Sudan 1,121
Libya 731
Yemen 330
Palestine 111
Afghanistan 39
Year of Publication (Graph)
Publication Year Total no. of Citations
2019 313
2018 3,975
2017 4,541
2016 5,642
2015 7,472
2014 9,256
2013 9,517
2012 10,408
2011 10,586
2010 9,453
2009 9,175
2008 9,618
2007 9,171
2006 10,174
2005 9,535
2004 6,243
2003 4,420
2002 3,064
2001 3,150
2000 3,280
1999 3,770
1998 3,344
1997 4,503
1996 4,381
1995 4,676
1994 5,376
1993 5,178
1992 4,699
1991 4,397
1990 4,146
1989 3,812
1988 2,527
1987 2,236
1986 2,087
1985 1,708
1984 1,609
1983 1,396
1982 1,459
1981 1,375
1980 103
1979 62
1978 58
1977 14
1974 46
1973 33
1972 9
1970 18
1969 7
1968 19
1967 25
1966 19
IMEMR Citations per Journal (Graph)
Journal Total no. of Citations
New Egyptian Journal of Medicine [The] 6,314
Saudi Medical Journal 5,801
Medical Journal of Cairo University [The] 4,196
JCPSP-Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 4,036
Tunisie Medicale [La] 3,972
Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences 3,935
AJM-Alexandria Journal of Medicine 3,269
EMHJ-Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal 3,125
Annals of Saudi Medicine 2,795
Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology 2,596
JPMA-Journal of Pakistan Medical Association 2,322
PAFMJ-Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal 2,036
Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1,971
Maghreb Medical 1,968
JHIPH-Journal of High Institute of Public Health [The] 1,933
Professional Medical Journal-Quarterly [The] 1,864
KMJ-Kuwait Medical Journal 1,808
Hamdard Medicus 1,797
Medical Principles and Practice 1,738
Assiut Medical Journal 1,702
Scientific Journal of Al-Azhar Medical Faculty [Girls] [The] 1,677
Medical Forum Monthly 1,674
Oman Medical Journal 1,381
Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal 1,330
Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine [The] 1,319
Bahrain Medical Bulletin 1,298
Egyptian Journal of Chemistry 1,269
Benha Medical Journal 1,184
Tanta Medical Journal 1,173
Iranian Journal of Public Health 1,161
PJMR-Pakistan Journal of Medical Research 1,152
JAMC-Journal of Ayub Medical College-Abbotabad-Pakistan 1,128
Journal of the Faculty of Medicine-Baghdad 1,106
JPMI-Journal of Postgraduate Medical Institute 1,089
Alexandria Journal of Pediatrics 1,053
Maroc Medical 1,039
SQUMJ-Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal 1,006
IJMS-Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences 997
Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran 993
SJO-Saudi Journal of Ophthalmology 940
EMJ-Emirates Medical Journal 935
Egyptian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 919
Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association [The] 903
Journal of the Egyptian Medical Association [The] 900
Journal of the Royal Medical Services 882
LMJ-Lebanese Medical Journal 880
Middle East Journal of Anesthesiology 879
Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Science [AJVS] 867
Scientific Medical Journal 865
Veterinary Medical Journal 864
Jordan Medical Journal 841
Iranian Journal of Pediatrics 779
Journal of Medicinal Plants 771
Revue Maghrebine de Pediatrie [La] 755
Acta Medica Iranica 750
Medical Spectrum [The] 737
Al-Azhar Medical Journal 724
IPMJ-Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal 715
Zagazig Medical Association Journal 714
Minoufia Medical Journal 708
JSP-Journal of Surgery Pakistan International 705
JPAD-Journal of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists 700
Neurosciences 695
IRCMJ-Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal 694
Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research 679
IJRM-International Journal of Reproductive Biomedicine 675
PJS-Pakistan Journal of Surgery 673
Egyptian Journal of Microbiology 666
JBMS-Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society 654
Journal of Gorgan University of Medical Sciences 648
Journal of Veterinary Research 637
IJPR-Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 637
Pakistan Journal of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 635
Scientific Journal of El-Minia Faculty of Medicine [The] 633
EJMM-Egyptian Journal of Medical Microbiology [The] 626
IJPM-International Journal of Preventive Medicine 625
IJEM-Iranian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 622
Mansoura Medical Journal 616
Anaesthesia, Pain and Intensive Care 605
SJA-Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia 593
Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology [The] 589
Qatar Medical Journal 587
Zagazig University Medical Journal 585
Annals of King Edward Medical College 582
Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute 582
Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 561
Egyptian Rheumatology and Rehabilitation 559
Scientific Journal of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences 551
Al-Azhar Journal of Dental Science 545
Egyptian Journal of Food Science 541
MEAJO-Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology 538
Alexandria Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 537
Egyptian Journal of Histology [The] 535
Ain-Shams Medical Journal 523
IBJ-Iranian Biomedical Journal 511
Journal of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences [The] 507
Archives of Iranian Medicine 499
Medical Sciences Journal of Islamic Azad University 496
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 495
Journal of Infection and Public Health 494
Egyptian Orthopaedic Journal [The] 492
Cell Journal [Yakhteh] 490
Medical Journal of Islamic World Academy of Sciences 481
Journal of Reproduction and Infertility 481
Damascus University Journal for Health Sciences 476
Journal of Drug Research of Egypt 474
Bulletin of the Ophthalmological Society of Egypt 471
Egyptian Journal of Surgery [The] 465
Journal of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences 459
Heart Views 449
SPJ-Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal 439
Bina Journal of Ophthalmology 437
Journal of Dentistry-Shiraz University of Medical Sciences 432
JPDA-Journal of the Pakistan Dental Association 427
Biomedica 421
International Journal of Radiation Research 407
Alexandria Medical Journal [The] 404
Weekly Epidemiology Monitor 404
Journal of Dental School-Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences 402
Tehran University Medical Journal [TUMJ] 400
APMC-Annals of Punjab Medical College 395
International Journal of Environmental Research 393
Medical Journal of Mashad University of Medical Sciences 391
Journal of Islamic Dental Association of Iran [The]-JIDA 390
Journal of the Saudi Heart Association 389
Journal of Tehran University Heart Center [The] 379
Annals Abbassi Shaheed Hospital and Karachi Medical and Dental College 379
Revue Marocaine de Medecine et Sante 378
Urology Annals 372
Gulf Medical University: Proceedings 371
Egyptian Journal of Community Medicine [The] 371
Tanaffos 369
Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences 367
Alexandria Dental Journal 365
Iranian Journal of Parasitology 360
Journal of Kerman University of Medical Sciences 359
Journal of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences 358
Pan Arab Journal of Neurosurgery 354
Annals of Thoracic Medicine 353
Pakistan Journal of Pharmacology 352
Mother and Child 350
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics [The] 347
Pan Arab Journal of Orthopaedic and Trauma [The] 341
Egyptian Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences 337
Archives de l’Institut Pasteur de Tunis 337
RMJ-Rawal Medical Journal 336
IJFS-International Journal of Fertility and Sterility 332
Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 330
Govaresh 329
Journal of Medical Council of Islamic Republic of Iran 326
KOOMESH-Journal of Semnan University of Medical Sciences 325
Arab Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 323
Scientific and Research Journal of Army University of Medical Sciences-JAUMS 318
IJI-Iranian Journal of Immunology 317
Pakistan Heart Journal 315
Arab Journal of Gastroenterology 313
Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 312
Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal 311
Suez Canal University Medical Journal 309
SDJ-Saudi Dental Journal [The] 309
IMJ-Iraqi Medical Journal 308
Journal of the Arab Board of Medical Specializations 308
Journal of Guilan University of Medical Sciences 308
Journal of Family and Community Medicine 305
Urology Journal 305
Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Therapy 299
PJC-Pakistan Journal of Cardiology 299
IJB-Iranian Journal of Biotechnology 292
Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention 292
Armaghane-danesh 291
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences 284
AJAIC-Alexandria Journal of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 281
Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy-Cairo University 277
DARU-Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 277
Gastroenterology and Hepatology from Bed to Bench 275
Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry [The] 275
Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Quarterly-Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services 268
Egyptian Journal of Veterinary Science 266
Mansoura Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 266
Modares Journal of Medical Sciences, Pathobiology 266
AJMB-Avicenna Journal of Medical Biotechnology 265
Middle East Journal of Digestive Diseases 264
Journal of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services 264
Gazette of the Egyptian Paediatric Association [The] 263
Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 263
LJM-Libyan Journal of Medicine 260
Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology 259
HAYAT-Journal of Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery [The] 257
Journal of the Medical Research Institute-Alexandria University 256
Pejouhandeh: Bimonthly Research Journal 256
EMJ-Egyptian Medical Journal [The] 254
Bulletin of the National Research Centre 254
Journal of Mashhad Dental School 250
Arab Journal of Psychiatry [The] 249
Bulletin of the Faculty of Science-University of Alexandria 248
Pakistan Pediatric Journal 243
Journal of Research in Health Sciences [JRHS] 242
Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences 238
PJO-Pakistan Journal of Ophthalmology 237
Egyptian Journal of Physiological Sciences 237
IJVM-Iranian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 234
Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences-Assiut University 229
Iranian Journal of Dermatology 228
Oman Journal of Ophthalmology 226
Journal of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences 226
Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 226
Pakistan Journal of Psychology 222
Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 222
Journal of Sheikh Zayed Medical College [JSZMC] 221
Iran Journal of Nursing 221
African Journal of Urology 220
Garyounis Medical Journal 218
New Iraqi Journal of Medicine [The] 218
EDJ-Egyptian Dental Journal 215
IJKD-Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases 213
Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine 212
Sudan Medical Monitor 211
International Journal of Mycobacteriology 211
Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases 210
Journal of Childhood Studies 209
Journal of Shaheed Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Health Services 209
Esculapio 208
Medical Journal of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Health Services 208
BEAT-Bulletin of Emergency and Trauma 207
JRMS-Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 207
Proceedings-Shaikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute 205
Journal of the Egyptian Society of Toxicology 205
Journal of Dental Medicine-Tehran University of Medical Sciences 204
Diabetes Digest 202
Al-Majallah Al-Tibbiya Al-Arabiayh 198
Egyptian Journal of Schistosomiasis and Infectious and Endemic Diseases 196
Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health 196
EJB-Egyptian Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology [The] 195
Journal of the Egyptian Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes [The] 194
Iranian Rehabilitation Journal 194
Lebanese Science Journal 193
MJFCT-Mansoura Journal of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology 193
Pakistan Journal of Pathology 190
Tanta Medical Sciences Journal 190
Journal of Community Medicine 185
Saudi Heart Journal 184
Payesh-Health Monitor 183
Journal of Health Administration 181
Journal of Paramedical Sciences 181
Journal of Ophthalmic and Vision Research 181
IJCBNM-International Journal of Community Based Nursing and Midwifery 181
Isra Medical Journal 179
Journal of the Arab Society for Medical Research 178
Arab Journal of Laboratory Medicine [The] 178
Egyptian Journal of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis [The] 177
Bulletin of the National Nutrition Institute of the Arab Republic of Egypt 177
IJCN-Iranian Journal of Child Neurology 176
Iranian Journal of Radiology 174
JABHS-Journal of the Arab Board of Health Specializations 174
JMJ-Jamahiriya Medical Journal 174
JPC-Journal of Pediatric Club [The] 173
HMJ-Hamdan Medical Journal 171
Journal of Arak University of Medical Sciences-Rahavard Danesh 169
Population Sciences 168
Iranian Journal of Nutrition Sciences and Food Technology 165
Pakistan Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 164
Smile Dental Journal 163
Jundishapur Scientific Medical Journal 163
Journal of Lasers in Medical Sciences 163
Journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health [The] 162
Razi Journal of Medical Sciences 161
Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences [SJMMS] 158
International Cardiovascular Research Journal 158
Genetics in the 3rd Millennium 157
Egyptian Journal of Occupational Medicine 157
Gezira Journal of Health Sciences 156
Gulf Journal of Dermatology and Venereology [The] 155
Medical Journal of Teaching Hospitals and Institutes [The] 152
JIIMC-Journal of Islamic International Medical College [The] 150
Kasr El Aini Journal of Surgery 150
Payavard-Salamat 149
Iranian Journal of Nursing Research 149
SJPH-Sudanese Journal of Public Health 149
Medical Arabization 149
IEJ-Iranian Endodontic Journal 149
Dirasat 148
Annals of the College of Medicine-Mosul 144
University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences 144
Iranian Journal of Health and Environment 144
Novelty in Biomedicine 142
JLUMHS-Journal of the Liaquat University of Medical Health Sciences 142
IJEHSR-International Journal of Endorsing Health Science Research 141
Ain-Shams Journal of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology 140
Feyz-Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences 140
Egyptian Journal of Anatomy [The] 139
Auditory and Vestibular Research 137
Medical Channel 136
Egyptian Journal of Biomedical Engineering 136
Iranian Journal of Epidemiology 136
Journal of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services 135
Reviews in Clinical Medicine [RCM] 134
Scientific Journal of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization [The] 133
Pakistan Journal of Medicine and Dentistry 132
Journal of the Egyptian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology [The] 131
Sudan Medical Journal 130
Health Information Management 129
Infectious Diseases Journal of Pakistan 128
Jordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 127
JPPS-Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society 127
Quarterly Scientific Journal of Relief and Rescue 127
JBUMS-Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences 126
Revue Maghrebine d’Endocrinologie-Diabete et de Reproduction [La] 126
Pakistan Journal of Biochemistry 126
Revue Marocaine des Maladies de L’Enfant 124
Asian Journal of Sports Medicine 124
Mansoura Medical Bulletin 124
IJME-Iranian Journal of Medical Education 123
Anatomical Sciences Journal [ASJ] 123
Egyptian Orthodontic Journal 123
Challenge-Quarterly [The] 122
Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research [IJNMR] 120
Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 118
JDUHS-Journal of the Dow University of Health Sciences 118
Al-Shifa Journal of Ophthalmology 118
GJO-Gulf Journal of Oncology [The] 116
Hepatitis Monthly 115
Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology [ANDEESHEH VA RAFTAR] 115
International Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism 114
Assiut University Bulletin for Environmental Researches 114
JBUMS-Journal of Birjand University of Medical Sciences 114
Arab Journal of Biotechnology 112
Journal of Family and Reproductive Health 112
Journal of King Abdulaziz University-Medical Sciences 111
JEMTAC-Journal of Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Acute Care 110
Journal of Environmental Studies 109
Research Journal of Aleppo University-Medical Sciences Series 109
Iranian Journal of Arthropod-Borne Diseases 108
Population Studies 107
International Journal of Pathology 107
Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin 105
Journal of Modern Rehabilitation 105
Journal of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences [KUMS] 101
Iranian Journal of Obstetric, Gynecology and Infertility [The] 100
Pakistan Medical Journal 100
Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Medicine 99
JCVTR-Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Research 99
International Journal of Organ Transplantation Medicine 98
ASNJ-Alexandria Scientific Nursing Journal 98
Environmental Health Engineering and Management Journal 97
Journal of Health Sciences and Surveillance System 96
Scientific Nursing Journal 95
Kasr El-Aini Medical Journal 95
Journal of Neyshabur University of Medical Sciences 95
Iranian Journal of Diabetes and Lipid Disorders 95
Journal of Research on History of Medicine [The] 94
JPIMS-Journal of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences 94
Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery [The] 93
JBM-Journal de Biologie Medical 93
IHJ-Iranian Heart Journal 92
Research Centre Bulletin 92
Journal of Karbala University 91
PUJ-Parasitologists United Journal 91
International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 91
Hormozgan Medical Journal 91
Medicine Today 91
Homa-ye-Salamat 91
Medical Journal of Basrah University [The] 91
International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 90
Egyptian Rheumatologist [The] 90
International Journal of Health Sciences 88
Egyptian Journal of Nutrition 88
Iranian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing 88
Basic and Clinical Neuroscience 87
Toloo-e-Behdasht 86
Afro-Arab Liver Journal 86
IJM-Iranian Journal of Microbiology 85
Pakistan Journal of Physiology 85
Social Welfare Quarterly 84
Journal of Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases 84
Revue Tunisienne d’Infectiologie 84
Journal of Medical Education 83
Bulletin of the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization 83
Population Researches and Studies 82
Pakistan Journal of Health 82
Egyptian Population and Family Planning Review [The] 81
Revue Marocaine de Chirurgie Orthopedique et Traumatologique 80
Medical Journal of Tikrit University [The] 79
Iranian Journal of Psychiatry 78
Saudi Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation 78
Egyptian Pharmaceutical Journal [National Research Center] 76
JIMDC-Journal of Islamabad Medical and Dental College 76
Journal of the Egyptian Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics [The] 76
Pakistan Journal of Community Medicine [The] 75
Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology 75
JNE-Journal of Nursing Education 72
Journal of School of Public Health and Institute of Public Health Research 72
Journal of Paramedical Sciences and Rahabilitation 71
SST-Sante et Securite au Travail 70
Arab Family Health and Population 70
Journal of Health Management and Informatics [JHMI] 69
Asia Oceania Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Biology 69
JDB-Journal of Dental Biomaterials 69
Population Bulletin of ESCWA 68
Journal of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences 66
Al-Kindy College Medical Journal 66
Journal of Isfahan Dental School 66
Egyptian Journal of Nutrition and Health 66
JMRH-Journal of Midwifery and Reproductive Health 65
Egyptian Journal of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering 65
Journal of Screening and Geographical Medicine 63
Strides in Development of Medical Education 63
PMJ-Palestinian Medical Journal 61
Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 60
Clinical Diabetes 59
Egyptian Heart Journal [The] 59
Pakistan Journal of Neurology 59
Egyptian Journal of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology [The] 58
Iran Occupational Health 58
Journal of Advances in Medical Education and Professionalism 57
DRJ-Dental Research Journal 56
Eastern Mediterranean Region Drugs Digest 56
Iranian Journal of Ophthalmology 56
Journal of Health-Based Research 55
Egyptian Journal of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia 55
JLDA-Journal of the Lebanese Dental Association 55
JFH-Journal of Fasting and Health 55
Journal of Surgery [The] 54
Egyptian Science Magazine [The] 54
Dermatology and Cosmetic Quarterly 54
Annals of Military and Health Sciences Research 53
JBUMDC-Journal of Bahria University Medical and Detal College 52
Zagazig Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 52
Bahria Journal of Professional Psychology 52
Baqai Journal of Health Sciences 52
Iraqi Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 52
YHMRJ-Yemeni Health and Medical Research Journal 52
Kufa Medical Journal 51
Nanomedicine Journal 51
Bulletin of Endemic Disease-Baghdad 51
FWU Journal of Social Sciences 51
Scientific Journal of Forensic Medicine 50
Hospital-Journal of Iranian Scientific Hospital Association 50
International Journal of Diabetes Mellitus 49
IJML-International Journal of Medical Laboratory 49
Nutrition and Food Sciences Research 49
DMJ-Dohuk Medical Journal 49
Journal of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences [The] 49
Egyptian Journal of Bronchology [The] 49
Holistic Nursing and Midwifery Journal 49
ABJS-Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery [The] 48
Medical Laboratory Journal 48
Journal of Rehabilitation 48
Journal of Health Promotion Management [JHPM] 48
Journal of Anesthesiology and Pain 47
Sohag Medical Journal 47
Journal of Advanced Research 47
Nursing and Midwifery Research 47
Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine [AJP] 47
Annals of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre – Karachi 46
Assiut Veterinary Medical Journal 45
Almustansiriya Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 45
Journal of Research in Behavioural Sciences 45
JESN-Journal of Egyptian Society of Nephrology [The] 45
IAJD-International Arab Journal of Dentistry 45
JISHIM-Journal of the International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine 44
Sudanese Journal of Dermatology 44
Journal of Nephrology Urology and Transplantation 44
HAKIM Research Journal 44
Bulletin Epidemiologique 43
Annals of Pediatric Surgery 43
Emergency 43
ACES-Actualites Cliniques et Scientifiques 43
Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences 43
Journal of Isfahan Medical School 43
Journal of Tropical Nephro-Urology 42
South Valley Medical Journal 42
Egyptian Journal of Immunology [The] 42
JRRS-Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences 42
GJMS-Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences 41
Health Services Journal of the Eastern Mediterrenean Region 41
Egyptian Journal of Neonatology [The] 41
Iraqi Journal of Agriculture 41
Pakistan Journal of Chest Medicine 40
Cahiers Medicaux de Tunisie 40
Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 39
Egyptian Journal of Dermatology and Andrology 39
Eastern Mediterranean Region Epidemiological Bulletin 38
JKCD-Journal of Khyber College of Dentistry 38
Tabib Attifil Alarabi 38
Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences 37
Archives of Medical Laboratory Sciences 37
Journal of Student Research Committee [BEYHAGH] 37
PJR-Pakistan Journal of Radiology 37
Alexandria Journal of Food Science and Technology 37
Journal of Research in Dental Sciences 36
Journal of Medical Sciences 36
ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology 36
Applied Food Biotechnology 36
Caspian Journal of Neurological Sciences 36
Journal of Health Specialties [JHS] 35
Annals of Alquds Medicine 35
Iraqi Journal of Tropical Disease Researches 35
EJENTAS-Egyptian Journal of ENT and Allied Sciences 34
Risafa Medical Journal 34
ARYA Atherosclerosis Journal 34
Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology 34
Journal of Injury and Violence Research 33
Journal of Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention 33
Journal of Clinical Laboratory [The] 32
Journal of Practice in Clinical Psychology 32
TIPS-Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences 32
POJ-Pakistan Orthodontic Journal 32
HJMS-Hadramout Journal of Medical Sciences 32
IOJ-Iraqi Orthodontic Journal 32
IJO-Iranian Journal of Orthodontics 31
Physical Treatments: Specific Physical Therapy Journal 31
Pakistan Ophthalmology 31
Journal of Dental Research, Dental Clinics, Dental Prospects 31
Libyan Journal of Infectious Diseases [The] 30
Shenakht-Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry 30
International Journal of Women’s Health and Reproduction Sciences 30
Egyptian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 30
JEHSD-Journal of Environmental Health and Sustainable Development 30
Afghan Medical Journal 30
Ofogh-E-Danesh 30
WJPS-World Journal of Plastic Surgery 29
Endovascular Journal 29
ASJOG-Ain-Shams Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 29
Women’s Health Bulletin 29
Yafteh Journal 29
Pakistan Journal of Medical Ethics 29
JSOGP-Journal of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Paksitan 29
Arabic Journal of Forensic Medicine and Criminal Science 29
Reports of Radiotherapy and Oncology 28
AAMJ-Al-Azhar Assiut Medical Journal 28
MJEM- Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine 28
IRJNS – Iranian Journal of Neurosurgery 28
BIJO-Albasar International Journal of Opthalmology 27
Community Medicine 27
Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy-Cairo University 27
Quarterly Journal of Medical Ethics 27
Basrah Journal of Surgery 27
IJP-International Journal of Pediatrics 26
Journal of the Pakistan Prosthodontics Association [JPPA] 26
Journal of Contemporary Medical Sciences 26
Journal of Baghdad College of Dentistry 25
Iranian Journal of Medical Physics 25
Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences and Research [JRSR] 25
Middle East Journal of Family Medicine 25
PJPH-Pakistan Journal of Public Health 25
JMB-Journal of Medical Bacteriology 24
DENA-Quarterly Journal of Yasuj Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery 24
JDT-Journal of Dentistry Tehran University of Medical Sciences 24
IJN-Iranian Journal of Neonatology 24
YJMHR-Yemeni Journal of Medical and Health Research 24
Community Health 24
Egyptian Liver Journal 24
Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology [JJM] 23
Nursing Practice Today 23
JPC-Journal of Pharmaceutical Care 23
Pakistan Journal of Neurological Sciences 23
Iraqi Journal of Community Medicine 22
Bulletin of Alexandria Thoracic Association 21
Egyptian Journal of Urology 21
RMM-Research in Molecular Medicine 21
Journal of Client-Centered Nursing Care 21
Journal of Dental Materials and Techniques 20
Nephro-Urology Monthly 20
JRH-Journal of Research and Health 20
JPN-Journal of Pediatric Nephrology 19
MEJC-Middle East Journal of Cancer 18
Applied Endocrinology in Egypt 18
Arab Journal for Food and Nutrition 18
Saudi Journal of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Head and Neck Surgery [The] 18
Al-Quds Medical Journal 17
JMR-Journal of Medical Research 17
Journal of Hygiene and Health 17
Salmand-Iranian Journal of Aging 17
Iraqi Army Medical Journal 17
Medical-Surgical Nursing Journal 16
JNP-Journal of Nephropathology 16
Health in Emergencies and Disasters Quarterly [HDQ] 16
Zagazig Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 16
Journal of Modern Medical Information Science 16
Journal du Practicien 16
IJOH-International Journal of Occupational Hygiene 16
AJU-Arab Journal of Urology 16
Egyptian Journal of Diabetes [The] 16
IJDO-Iranian Journal of Diabetes and Obesity 15
Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine 15
IDEES-Revue de Perfectionnement Medical et Paramedical 15
Health [The] 14
YMJ-Yemen Medical Journal 14
International Journal of Women Empowerment 14
Journal of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement 14
Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology [The] 14
Teb Va Tazkie 13
IJHS-Iranian Journal of Health Sciences 13
Egyptian Journal of Paediatrics [The] 13
Omdurman Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 12
Social Determinants of Health 12
SGH Medical Journal 12
Yemeni Journal for Medical Sciences [The] 12
Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 12
JOPDAK-Journal of the Pakistan Dental Association Karachi 12
Egyptian Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery [The] 12
Trauma Monthly 12
Pan Arab Medical Journal 11
Iraqi New Medical Journal 11
DMJ-Derna Medical Journal 11
Advances in Cognitive Science 11
Journal of the Arab Neonatology Forum 11
EBNESINA-Medical Journal of Military Medicine [The] 11
Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences 11
IJHPM-International Journal of Health Policy and Management 11
Childhood and Development Quarterly 11
Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgical Sciences 10
Egyptian Medical Journal of the National Research Center 10
Arab Dental Journal 10
Archives of Trauma Research 10
Lahore Journal of Public Health 10
Iraqi Journal of Biotechnology 10
Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research Series A: Physical Sciences 9
AFJPH-Afghanistan Journal of Public Health 9
AJNT-Arab Journal of Nephrology and Transplantation 9
Alexandria Journal of Hepatogastroenterology 9
BCCR-Basic and Clinical Cancer Research 9
Journal of Health Scope 9
Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products 9
International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction 9
JMJ-Juba Medical Journal 9
Medical Journal of Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital [The] 9
Iraqi Journal of Microbiology 9
Kidney Forum 9
JCR-Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Rersearch 8
IJBC-Iranian Journal of Blood and Cancer 8
IJMCM-International Journal of Molecular and Cellular Medicine 8
JNMS-Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Sciences 8
Journal of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry 8
Journal of Preventive Medicine 8
SBRH-Social Behavior Research and Health 8
Journal of Medical Students 8
Research in Cardiovascular Medicine 8
Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies 8
Journal of Health and Safety at Work 8
Pakistan Journal of Orthodontics, Pediatric and Community Dentistry 8
NUST Journal of Natural Sciences-NJNS 8
Elderly Health Journal 8
Journal of Clinical Excellence 7
Archive of Breast Cancer 7
Journal of Dohuk University 7
IJHOSCR-International Journal of Hematology-Oncology and Stem Cell Research 7
Quarterly Journal of Medical Law 7
Journal of Hearing Sciences and Otolaryngology 6
Thrita Student Journal of Medical Sciences 6
Neonatology 5
Khartoum Pharmacy Journal 5
Egyptian Journal of Breastfeeding 4
KMUJ-Khyber Medical University Journal 4
Saudi Journal of Sports Medicine [The] 4
Type of Publications (Graph)
Publication Type Total no. of Citations
Journal Article 59,932
Case Reports 12,439
Comparative study 7,505
Review 4,860
Clinical Trial 4,850
Letter 2,242
Editorial 1,526
Randomized Controlled Trial 1,009
News 345
Observational Study 156
Historical Article 112
Comment 109
Examination Questions 75
Evaluation Studies 67
Controlled Clinical Trial 65
Congresses 60
Multicenter Study 50
Meta-Analysis 30
Technical Report 29
Guideline 24
Abstracts 22
Problems and Exercises 21
Validation Studies 19
Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't 16
Collected Correspondence 8
Meeting Abstracts 8
Practice Guideline 8
Photographs 6
In vitro 6
Ephemera 6
English Abstract 5
Classical Article 5
Interview 3
Clinical Conference 3
Dictionary 3
Clinical Trial, Phase I 2
Clinical Trial, Phase II 2
Research Support, U.S. Gov't, Non-P.H.S. 2
Pharmacopoeias 2
Book Reviews 2
Lectures 2
Biography 2
Instructional Films and Videos 2